Re: SHOGES, you too?!

You mentioned chikanning at a McDonalds and it instantly brought back memories! There was a big mall on the west coast that I remember when it opened. It was late in the '60's, and McDonald's was fast becoming the franchise giant that it is today. Soon after this mall opened (You can get great shots of this mall, minus the McDonald's, in the Tarentino movie "Jackie Brown") a McDonald's was opened up. During trips to that mall to let my mom shop, dad would send me in to buy MickeyD's famous French fries, which were considered really good back then. The lines would be just as you described at your tourist attractions'. This was west coast, and plenty of times it would be hot, so not only did I get some McDick action, but I also groped those pretty young white girls soft, mini skirted thighs too! It's funny how this board and especially the veterans can go down roads and unintentionally bring back great memories like McDonald's nutts that I totally forgot about. I remember that I would carefully choose who I stood behind, abuse her right up to when my turn to order was about to come, then get out of line to find a new target! Gave plenty of white girls McDick while they ordered McDonald's!

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