Re: Narflarf - Great Advice!

Occasionally somebody will write something here, and you just realize that they absolutely know what the hell they are talking about . . . Narflarf, you're a real chikan pro . . . but we already knew that! What caught my attention in your recent posts was what you said about balconies! I have never mentioned those here before in all my time, but that was so spot-on! And something that a pro has learned to take into consideration.

There is one concert hall that I would never "work" because it had a balcony that was basically nearly right on top of the crowd below. Too easy for some looky-loo above to see what you might be doing, dick out or not. Same thing with a balcony at a bar that I visited. At the same time, not all venues with balconies are off limits. I know of others where the balcony is much further to the side and higher up. Those are OK to get your chikan on at. And I have. "Nutted" so many times.

And as Narflarf said (and many others including myself many, many times), concerts are the absolute safest places to chikan, and a sure nut for anybody who knows what to do. So if you are a newbie, start with concerts. But even at a concert, don't be stupid and just throw caution out the window! Pick the best moments. I love when the band throws stuff into the crowd! I don't like crowd surfers, but they can cause enough disruption that it allows you to get away with some hard humping and groping. So, they must be tolerated. And at a concert, darkness is your friend. Darkness anywhere is always a chikan's best friend! That and sobriety. A pro chikan is NEVER drunk. We are there to grope and hump . . . and CUM!

BigT, now bars are my favorites! I started with concerts, but bars are better for me. Why? Well like Narflarf said, find the right ones and you can guarantee they will be crack packed most weekends. And, it's also a lower cost per nut too versus going to expensive concerts all the time. But bar chikan butt fucking and groping should be reserved for the most experienced of chikans only. For one thing, you have fewer avenues of escape, so your skill level in not getting caught needs to be higher. And, you must be very skilled in reading crowd dynamics. Is it such that I can only "graze" in some crack right now? Can I go harder but slow with a soft rub in between her tender butt cheeks . . . spread her butt cheeks open with my stiff dick . . . and sperm? Or, out and out fuck her in the ass??? Right IN the bar!? Only the most experienced of chikans are ready for this! Also, be sure to find multiple bars and venues . . . at least 4 . . . so that you aren't seen showing up at the same place every weekend! Once a month max is best.

And then as your skill level and confidence grows, you can go for chikan even in places that aren't the most crowded. But, you must be CAREFUL and GOOD! I once rode this white chick's plump, round ass at a McDonald's! It was in a tourist zone, so the place gets more crowded than a regular Mickey D's. But still nowhere as crowded as a crack packed bar or concert. The crowd started getting unruly with people getting impatient trying to place their orders. I used that as cover to ride her big, soft, round, plump white hind parts! Right up to the front counter! We got up there, and the bitch is BENDING OVER trying to order . . . and I've got my hard DICK all up in her DEEP ass crack! LOL! I didn't get to nut, but it was still chikan heaven to be all up in a pretty girl's butt crack right up front AT THE COUNTER in a Mickey D's! And nobody realizing it, including her LOL!

Yep, yep . . . I'm a "crack addict" . . . like that "white powder" too LOLOLOL!!! That and some caramel Latinas, and I'm happy!

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