Re: BigFootBum & BigT

Concerts are the safest bet (pretty much a guaranteed nut for me) but the issue comes with the fact that you have to wait for good concerts or find decently packed venues. Small indie venues/bars are nice, but be careful if it's one of the ones with a balcony above, don't want anyone looking down and seeing your cock lol.

Another aspect of concerts that make it great is what I call "prime time", which is one of the best times to bust a nut. It's when the cover band is finished and the lights go off for a very brief period while the main band gets ready. During this time, most of the people who left during the intermission either to get drinks or use the bathroom are rushing back to try and get up close to see the band when they come on. So you're in complete darkness with the crowd being restless and becoming more condensed. Also, the chaos of everyone screaming and jumping up and down in anticipation helps.

Nightclubs & dance lounges are good on weekends, and the best part about them is unlike concerts which you have to find good shows, they are always open and draw people. One important tip is that you gotta know the most popular ones. You either have to research on Facebook to find the most popular bars/lounges/nightclubs or bite the bullet and check it out yourself. Sometimes pictures don't do a spot justice, as most of the time pics are only taken during big events (like a popular artist coming to DJ) so it makes the place look much more packed than it is on a night. That's why I usually try to go to on a night with a featured DJ, or a big event.

Speaking of events, some of the best holidays are Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day **WHICH IS IN 13 DAYS SO PREPARE YOURSELVES** because they attract a ton of chicks who want to get drunk and are packed as all Hell. Last Cinco De Mayo the line for my favorite spot was a 30 minute wait and stretched around the block.

On the topic of favorite spots, mine has been a favorite since day one! It's not the best reviewed place, but the shadier spots I've found to be the best. Getting past the bouncers is probably the hardest part, then I'm in the clear from there. Since the spot doesn't follow building guidelines of having a maximum capacity they'll keep letting people in as long they're willing to pay. Even going so far as to increase the price of entry while people are in line.

The difference between concerts is that people are usually stationery with everyone watching the stage while clubs have girls dancing (which is good if it's on your dick lol) but also walking around to get drinks or moving around the club. Like how I mentioned "prime time" for concerts there's a prime time for higher end nightclubs as well. Most places usually have some sort of fog machine with confetti they rain down. That's the best time to get your freak on, since the fog is usually so thick that you literally can't see your hand in front of your own face. Just thinking about going back this weekend gives me goosebumps. Gonna make sure to drink a lot of water and take Zinc pills to prepare!

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