new to frotteurism

My co-worker (pictured) has one of the fattest asses I've ever seen(I've already been taking creepshots of her and backhanded her ass a couple of times during employee meetings and when she bends over in front of the break room fridge) and the other day we were in the break room and she was finishing her break and I was starting mine. she told me to come and get my chair (we take turns sitting in the same seat against the wall and joke about it all the time). we squeezed past the tables at the same time and when she walked by with her ass facing toward me in these loose sundress like pants i stuck out my pelvis a little and her juicy ass brushed my dick. it felt amazing to have that big thing fold around my dick. but anyway I knew frotteurism was a fetish but I never took it seriously, but after that incident I googled it some more and found this forum. so hopefully you guys welcome me here and I'd like to get more into frotteurism and get tips on how and where to practice it. cheers

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