In the past i've groped a few girlfriends infront of there unsuspecting boyfriends but I have a feeling this one couple that I groped the other day was into the whole chikan thing or maybe they were swingers. When we got on to the tube the hubby was facing the other way and she was hugging him from behind while I was sandwiched in behind her and the door!
Who the fuck gets onto a busy train/tube and doesn't secure there wifes butt unless they don't mind it getting humped by someone elses rock hard boner?!?! lol
She was really loving it aswell, she was crashing her soft, bouncy booty right into my lap everytime the tube jolted and it was definetly on purpose because the movements were so unnatural.
And they was speaking in Portugese so I couldn't understand what they were saying but they seemed to be happy, I bet he was asking her how my cock felt on her slut arse.

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