Short skirt girl (WARNING: she may be 24 years old)

Today I take my usual metroline to company,on the way waiting ,I fond a good girl with short shirt standing near the metro door,but she had a bag on her back.I felt a little disappointed that time but I won’t want to miss this nice girl.So I followed her to get on the metro.when all people flowed into the carriage,she catch the railing near the door and turning back facing the door,and I tightly followed her back and find a perfect position to stand.

I knew My dick can’t touch her ass perfectly because of the I chosed to touch her leg firstly.when my small dick touch the soft leg into the short skirt ,Oh my god,so beautiful,my small dick become into a huge dick in one second,unbelievable thing is that she doesn’t move at all .so I knew she knew me,and then I struggled to push her bag to the other side,and I did it successfully,now my steel dick completely into her soft ass perfectly,oh my god,so unbelievable comfortable feeling,so nice so beautiful,I can’t stop my ejaculating any more,after several minutes I gave my all babies to her ass,one wave by another wave into her big and soft ass,and I knew she knew my ejaculating at that time.

After my perfect ejaculating,I felt so satisfied,but the metro is still moving,it’s a long way journey,so I continue to touch her leg with my hand,I slowly put my right hand into her short shirt again, let all the plam on her face of the leg,touch and move the hand slowly,she also didn’t move at all like a dead girl,so i slowly moved my hand to the right ahead of her cunt,touch the cunt softly,oh my goodness,so beautiful, I can’t believe this girl is so understanding,when several minutes later,the metro got the final station,the unbelievable journey is over,wish i can meet her again,god bless me.

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