In the last week i've been real active! I got to hump 1 plump pawg with a super soft booty! she was married aswell and at one point she took her phone out and her hubby was her walloper! The second I noticed her looking at him I started tensing my boner on her arse like crazy!

No.2 was this shy type chinese chick that just took my BBC right up her arse crack, it had me feeling like a chinese chikan on a hong kong train haha. I bet she wont forget me either! I'm probably double size she's normally used to Lol

And the last 1 was this Hot Indian or Paki Teen.. She was definetly new to rush hour in London (Leggings on & No backpack to deter chikans) what a noob, there was another chikan that tried to get her but I was more aggressive and made sure he didnt steal my teen meat, I bet there was another 10 chikans behind me trying to get to her aswell lmao

I'm gona go hunt for some more ass later so by the time you're reading this ill probably have my cock n balls sandwiched between some booty cheeks!

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