Re Shoges

I am not going to get into a argument with you or anyone else on this board, I just pointed out what turned out to be true, your problem is simple, you think because you have posted a lot of stories on here that it is your board, to be honest I don't really give a damn, I changed my name on here for reasons other than because you didn't like me posting flashing stories, which were always linked to my groping, I do BOTH so when I post a story it contains everything, still post that way, nothing you say stopped that, regardless of whether you like it or not, if other are okay I am fine if the general consensus are not then I would stop.
As for the M.O.T.M isn't that a personal choice? yes it is so if I liked Guestz post better than yours that's that, I have no intention of voting for his to spite you or your post get over yourself, I happen to prefer his style and taste in women, ergo I prefer to read his posts over yours.


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