Re: Fatith in Chaos - Viktoriya Kutuzova

And you'll note that there is NO PLACE where I said the photo was NOT photo shopped . . . I said that's what I liked, that I see fat assed white girls like that all the time, and that there's even one where I work now (really!). That's what I said. And like Like Guestz said, whether it is or it isn't, who cares? Was the size of that ass so different from what Narflarf or Buttmasher posted??? The answer is "no". We're going to line up behind that if we see it (except for somebody who likes 'um flat)! And often I have.

My point is that I'm tired of the negativity from somebody always picking at my posts and finding something wrong with them when he has not done much of anything for the site in the entire time that he has been here, other than to pass judgment. And that's been a long time. So how about some stories, or photos, or videos of his own then? That's my issue. Not whether the photo is altered or not. Who cares, especially when it looks like something that could be real. And for the record, she still has a nice "natural" white ass that I would be proud to dig my dingus DEEP up into!

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