Red Dragon

No, you have a habit of occasionally being too critical of EVERYTHING that people post. You used to do it all the time to me specifically when you were going by "Black Helmet". Everything I posted you had a problem with, probably because I got on you for going on and on about flashing on a frott site, and you didn't like that. I called you out over it and you stopped it (and changed your handle to "Red Dragon" too). And now, I'm calling you out again.

Yeah, you're free to comment/say what you want to. But just like you noted . . . so am I. So how about you have something positive to say for a change, or maybe just keep more of your negative stuff to yourself? Especially for somebody who rarely ever contributes anything else here (no stories, no videos, no nothing), other than just to "comment" that you liked that or you didn't? You're lazy, you don't contribute much, and you never really have (no MOTM even that I can recall in all the time you've been here!), and the board needs to be nearly about dead before you do contribute anything of note.

And before you get started, just let me end by saying that the heart and soul of this site has always been about the stories, and I'm the best damned story writer this board has ever seen! And don't you or anybody else here ever forget it! NOBODY else has MORE better. I remember one time I wrote all of these great (true) stories in a single month, and Guestz goes and submits one typo-filled paragraph as a "story" right at the end of the month, and you're gonna go say that was worthy of MOTM. I have nothing against Guestz, but that was NOT worthy of MOTM (he didn't get it as I recall), and your actions revealed your deep-seated bias against me. I was magnanimous at the time, but what I really believed was that was pure grade bullshit to suggest that was MOTM material.

Now go ahead . . . what you got to say? Put me on blast . . . I don't give a damn! It's the weekend!

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