Re:voyboy video

That video is revealing. It shows an aspect that some doubters on this board may fail to see. It showed that although she ran when he fingered her, she put up with quite a bit before she'd had enough. And even though she was repulsed at the fingering, she didn't report it and neither did her friends. In fact, the friends reaction was telling too. They weren't as repulsed as one may have thought they'd be. If you read into her story even further you'll see that it's as if being "stoned" would have been even more of a reason to let it go. She talked as if she or even he had been stoned it would have been more of an acceptable reason for it happening. I can speak for my own experiences from the past: if you stumble across one of these sluts "stoned" you can probably do much more than you would imagine. I know that was the case for me back when I had that stable of Daisy Duke-wearing sluts rudely push their way in front of me 4 years ago! Oh what a night that was!

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