Taking Friends To Concerts for Humping (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Hey fellow chikans!
Does anyone have a friend they take to concerts for groping/humping?

I have a select few for different concerts, I pay for the tickets and they know about my fetish. It's a mutual understanding lol. There's 5, I met most from parties, one is my distant cousin (who I met recently), we aren't really related.

My cousin Isabella loves punk and anything rock, she's got a big fucking ass. I pull my dick out and let her do all the work, right before a show I love taking viagra, I get a hard on for a good 3ish hours. God she loves wearing these tight spandex shorts, I can feel every bit of her ass jiggle. She also loves taking ecstasy and this energy drink so she's a highly-functional drugged up dancer, it's amazing. I once cummed deep in her ass 3 times and she kept going!

There's Sarah that loves rap/hip-hop, not really my suite but she dances like no one else I know! She's Filipino, I tried recording while crushed to her ass but realized pretty quickly I would need to put a flashlight on my phone and all this shit that's just too much like the fuckin' angle.

Then Jenny this white pawg, she doesn't let the snake out of my pants though she hates that shit hahaha. I usually go commando under my pants and wear the thinnest shorts so I'm good.

Patricia, an old friend from high school, she's alright, she's more of a bootycall/last resort if i can't take anyone else.

Lamai my Asian step-sister who lets me fuck her every now and then. My step-mom is smoking hot too, I like to "acidentally" bummp into her ass every morning while she washes the dishes. Our kitchen is pretty small and I wake up with morning wood, she doesn't mind. Anyways Lamai is a fucking beast, sometimes she just dances in our house and when the parents are away my groin gets glued to her ass. Sometimes I just stand while she does all the work then get into bed when she's up for it. I take her to small venue concerts for the most part.

How about you guys? It seems a load of you just like non-consensual strangers.

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