Spunking on a punk

Had an awesome time last night at a punk rock gig. It was a tiny venue, pretty claustrophobic which made it perfect for groping when a crowd forms. Tons of emo/scene/goth snowbunnies to grope, it was heaven! Found a good spot in the center of the crowd, groping this geeky tall girl with a nice plump bubble butt in leggings. I loved cuddling my cock head in her butt cheek and feeling the warmth as she swayed back and forth to the music. After a bit I felt the warm precum dribbling down my cock, but knew I couldn't cum there since the crowd around us wasn't dense enough, leaving enough empty spaces for several bodies to be.

I cut my losses as she was moving a bit forward into the crowd away from, but at the same time the main band came on so people quickly began surging forward into the empty spaces. The lighting got dimmer and I was thinking about how I'd take advantage of the new crowd and chaos and then it hit me...literally.

As I was adjusting my cock in my pants I felt myself being bumped from the left rhythmically, and turned to see a gorgeous blonde punk girl with mouth-watering thighs and ass covered in leggings that poked out from underneath her jacket as she rocked to and fro. Her boyfriend occasionally had his arm around her shoulder, but as you know from my stories, girls with boyfriends tend to be the easiest/least reluctant customers.

So as she kept hip bumping to the music I turned my torso towards her, dick at full attention so her thighs and ass would come swaying into me every so often. Her jacket was as thin as a plain cotton hoodie, so I still felt everything underneath. As the main band played some of their hits the crowd went wild and she began jumping up and down, where I positioned myself behind her so she could hop up and my dick for a while. I used the crowds chaos to my advantage and took the opportunity to cum. I let out a huge load on her jacket, which was much more than I thought upon rewatching the footage. She took off her jacket and I was worried she get a handful of cum in her hand, but she balled it up so it was old good.

After coming back into the crowd I found myself behind a short redhead with a nice ass in thin jeans. This chick was the definition of a player! For nearly an hour straight she was swaying back and forth on my dick, giving me more than enough time to explore every inch of her cheeks and crack with my hands and cock. Then, an angry comes up and starts yelling in her ear urging her to leave and trying to pull her away. She refused and despite there being enough space in the crowd decided to plant her ass right back on my dick. I could see the envy in the dudes eyes, but he didn't have the balls to comfort me, blaming it all on her.

Throughout the night her man came back at least FIVE times trying to convince her to leave with him while she refused and went back to my dick again. Final time he spilled her beer grabbing her arm and she told him off for good. I was hard again, but unfortunately I couldn't blow another load as I had only shot my big load on that blonde chick not even half an hour ago, but enjoying a nice ass being given up to me for an hour didn't hurt. That night was way more successful than I imagined it would be.

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