Re: Black Shogun & BigT

Black Shogun: Ah, memories. I remember that outdoor concert. Came on a girl wearing shorts that had a bookbag on. It was actually easier to pull out my dick with her backpack to be honest. It was perched on her back which made it perfect to dig into her crack while having perfect coverage in the daytime. If anyone looked down they'd only see her bag and my chest pressed up against it instead of my dick. So what usually hinders groping helped camouflage my dick in plain sight. Plus, she wouldn't feel suspicious when she's being groped since she already has something pressing on her back.

BigT: Yup, I figured they were staged when the lighting was so perfect and the camera phone was held so still. Doing that in a club/concert would be the equivalent of standing around with a neon sign over your head, given how dimly those places are lit. There's a lot of preparation (at least for me) that has to go into filming a groping.

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