Chikaning Girls with Bookbags

On occasion, there has been discussion on the board about the possibility of chikaning girls with book bags. I wrote a story a long time ago I called "Back Pack Crack" where I described doing just that. Narflarf had a video where he was seen to do it.

Now, here is one of my favorite videos of all time where a master chikan chikan butt fucks a girl with a book bag and cums. See how he finds a good mark, then follows her and her friends onto the train, and patiently takes his time to get the job done. A true professional! He was helped by the fact that she kept the book bag to her side (was too risky to take his dick out):

Love how he adds the subtitles noting when his dick was hard in her crack, and then when he is ready to nut! Hahaha!

The Shogun!

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