Sharing another aspect of my road to chikan

When the board is slow like it seems to be now I like to share how I ended up doing this thing we do. I hope others will share their stories as I'm doing, to at least pass the time.
When I started this fixation with the female body was way back as a lad. I've told of my first humps and the fascination with female body parts, especially the thighs/legs and their skin. For so many years early-on I just concentrated on putting my hard-on against their legs. I got away with that on family friends, but no others, until school started. I had a few girls in early grade school that allowed me to do it, but that didn't last but a year, I think 1st or 2nd grade. Then it was a few years after, when I changed schools, that I continued that. I kept at it-trying to get my hard tool on their thighs/legs, until one year, I think it was 5th grade, I witnessed male classmates actually pinning girls against the desk and humping them, with no resistance, until the teacher would return to the classroom! That "isht" turned me on! I wanted to join in but was too shy.
Several years after that I started to plot how I could satisfy this urge in me: I was always horny, but didn't know why, other than to press it against the female body. I had a friend in the 6th grade that let me do it daily. I think she enjoyed it as much as I did. I would make it pulse against her bare thigh any time I got the chance. She was a beautiful light-skinned girl in my class at the time. When I left that school for another I didn't get any chances to do it for about another year. What I did do though was to start backhanding girls in mini skirts, which were now really popular. That really got to be my new love. I'd go anywhere I could to put me in the position to grope random thighs.
By 8th grade I got introduced to dry humping by more classmates. They made a game out of it, and the girls, once again, allowed it. That was it for me! From that year on, I found out how to plan ahead to grope or hump in whatever situation I found myself in. I've been at it for literally decades since. It's deeply rooted in me to do this. I love women's skin and their asses. I've learned to pickup on signs that they approve or disapprove. Like today, I was trying to swipe the ass of a white girl in really tight spandex, and she caught on before I could and said something to her mom about me. Most novices would not have caught on, but I knew to leave it alone. It takes experience to know when to go forward or to move on. I'm glad I have that knowledge under my belt. I do love this game!

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