Recent exp.

Had quite an intense encounter over the last couple days.

I was on a very overcrowded form of transportation sort of face to face with this big booty teenager in very thin trousers. As the doors closed, I made sure my boner was pressed to her thick inner thigh. She immediately manoeuvred so her groin was smack bang on my dick. She felt warm and it was just rubbing on my equally warm rod, it was so hot. At times I pressed my right leg up against her inner thigh, while I had my left hand on the hip/thigh of her over leg. All while my divk was up against her vag, man.

There was one point someone got off and to get off had to go past her, she pressed herself up against me even harder and I caught a smirk while she did it. When that person got off she stayed there, but glanced up and down me with a smirk before returning her gaze to her phone.

We stayed like that for some time. There was even a point where I kinda squatted a little before sticking it a little lower on her groin. I heard a sharp ‘oh’ before feeling her spread her legs and press harder onto me.

Man, I’ve only had face to face chikan like that maybe 3 times in my chikan career, and it’s so damn erotic.

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