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On another note I was talking to a really good female friend of mine on the phone, she was out shopping and asking my opinions on some of the outfits. So she was telling me she wanted to get a bus before the local school finished, I asked why she said because when she gets on the bus some how a male student always manages to wedge in behind her a nd rub up on her. I immediately became interested I asked are you sure you aren't jus imagining it. She says no and laughs on the phone because I always feel their hard dicks she said they jam them between her buttcheeks, all the while giggling I'm pretending to be incredulous but loving it she goes on to say whenever the bus hits a pothole or starts rocking that's when the real action starts. So I'm like what's happens when the bus hits a pothole as if I don't know but I love hearing her talk about it. She says they really start pumping there dicks in her ass crack (her words) all this time laughing I'm amazed , I ask her if she thinks any of them cum she says yes of course she feels em get extra hard then get limp some times she feels the dampness on her pants. My friend is in her 30's but really fucking hot. Not directly chikan but her story got me rock hard

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