My Indian neighbor's recovering from a car accident and I offered to help out with stuff because I'm that kind of a nice guy. Plus his mixed daughters and white wife are sexy as fuck.

Long story short - took his youngest son and daughter shopping yesterday as a favour. He's a quiet little boy aged 12, very boring and far too shy. Forget him, I was drooling over the gorgeous young brunette sister of his, she recently had her 17th birthday. She is not the prettiest of the sisters but is definitely pretty, tells you how hot the females in that family are.

5'3 height, big tits and a stunning firm ass, green eyes and dark brown hair. Wearing black leggings (not see through unfortunately) on her long slim shapely legs, UGG boots, tiny jacket that exposed her ass completely. She is flirty like her mother and sisters, love her smile. She is a bit of an air head, which I find really hot!

Every time we went on any escalators in the mall I made her get in front so I could admire her beautiful firm ass. I noticed I could see through her tiny little thigh gap, what a beauty sight! I backhanded her asa as much as possible. I'd just stare right at her ass, either she was wearing a thong or was not wearing any underwear. Fucking yummy little slut.

We got in line at Starbucks and it was crowded so I plastered myself up against her. My cock was stiffening in my trousers. I started rubbing my boner against her ass cheeks and crack the entire time. Could feel precum leaking everywhere. She was so distracted by looking at what to order and looking after her bro. The best dick in ass action came when it was about to be our turn to order, there were lots of people who'd made their orders so were crowding around waiting to be served. Plenty of cover and distractions for me to take advantage of! I stood right into her personal space and had her sandwiched between her brother and my groin all over her ass. Felt so amazing her two cheeks flattening against my groin, my hard shaft pressing back against her ass. I kept leaning over her to point at things for them to consider and using that as cover for pressing my cock harder and deeper into her crack. I was riding her crack and my dick nicely slipped down her crack and into her tiny diamond shaped thigh gap. I slowly thrust back and forth in there about 6 times and then couldn't hold it in any more - I came so hard and came buckets worth in my boxers. I kept my composure.

We ordered, got our shit, I went to the toilets and took off my boxers they were drenched. Had to throw them in the trash. I was commando for the rest of the day. It took me over an hour to get interested in fucking with her again.

I get boners quite quickly and easily, I l was worried about pitching an obvious tent if I got too excited so I kept my fun to a minimum. I'll write up what else I got up to in another post, time for me to go check on my neighbors see how he's getting on with his recovery.

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