Black teen & White babe

Crushed this PHAT ASS black teen on the tube the other day, she was amazing! Loved having her big round soft ass rubbing all over my cock with no room to move anywhere.. I just took my cock out and started tensing it all over her booty haha.
The same day I had this slim white girl in gym spandex, before we got on the tube I could see her analysing me from the corner of my eye.. she definitely knew what I was up too because I was in tracksuit bottoms and no boxer shorts underneath so my cock was absolutely bulging out (Bear in mind I was already still horny from the phat ass black teen on the previous tube). When the tube pulled up it was super rammed and she got on 1st and she had the opportunity to stand face 2 face with me but instead she chose to back her tight lil white ass up on this BBC and boy did it feel good. What turned me on more was the fact that she was with a guy, I couldn't really tell if it was her boyfirend or just male friend but either way he just stood there like a melon and watched me go to work those cheeks LOL

Oh and the whole time I was humping her there was another lady directly in front of us getting humped watching me hump this chick! haha.. unforgettable day!

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