Bad news, or maybe good news

To save money on office rent, all people below director level have to work from til further notice. This is good as I don't have to shave or get dressed every morning. Its also bad for the same reason. If I had no-one, this would be really bad. No more subway frotting for me. I really wanted to see if Chikan slut was real. I have a feeling she, or maybe he, is just entrapment by law enforcement. I didn't feel any femininity in her writing style. NYPD is generally very good at what they do, and I respect them for what they put up with in this city. I have family in NYPD. But its a big organization. Not everyone is an angel. They have a history of entrapment, especially if you aren't white, which seems to be many of the people on this site. Be careful guys.

Remember women are sluts. Put your dick in the right place, but don't make contact, and don't take action. Show your intent with your posture, but don't take action. They will come to you. Meaning, their asses will come to your dick. Trust me on this.

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