ChikanSlut (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

It's to cold{long coats) and to dangerous for us guys on the subways in NYC. For me to hump a woman on the subway of bus she would basically have to put her ass directly in my groin, and do most of the work before i would much LE and cellphones these days...a friend of mine...who has a delicious ass and is always letting me ride up on it while she pretends not to notice to me to a drag show her cousin was performing at...what surprised me was how many women were in attendance cheering then on...and the abundance of ass in the joint...i would use the excuse of this isn't really my thing to bounce around the back of the crowd and hump on women all is the funny thing...the first thing they would ask me when they felt my dick on them( i was wearing sweats) is, "are you gay?" when i would reply no and tell them who i was with , they would turn that ass right back around and let me hump and grind...the only thing that stopped me from busting a huge nut on this spanish girl in leggings and a JLO ass was i didn't want to back to friend with soiled sweats. her friend was mad skittish but she let me do whatever i wanted...that was a good night.

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