Easy Rider: Let's go Dutch for two days

I gotta tell you, this holiday season ended up being a memorable one. Some incredible concert/rave action just before, and on N.Y.E. One of L.A.s' most popular tourist spots proved fruitful over the two week period.

I'm going to work my way backward here. Consider this story Part 1 of a two parter detailing some of my exploits this season. There is more than one reason why this time of year is called, "the most wonderful time of the year".

This first recap is fresh - occurred both yesterday and today. I had to use all of my rider skills & intuition to make this one happen. But was rewarded.....yesssirreee!....rewarded nicely, at that.

Admittedly, I've been posting up at this quite familiar L.A. tourist destination over these past two weeks. Crowds of both American tourists (for a college football bowl game) and - my favorite - international tourists of all stripes have thronged this place despite terrible weather on a handful of days.

As New Years' Day has come and gone, it's been obvious that the holiday tourist crowd has been dwindling. Somewhat negating that scenario is the fact that the activities that draw tourists have been confined largely to two spots at this L.A. destination. The limited amount of 'things to see' has enhanced whatever crowd remained, particularly over the last three days or so.

Even so, the good days eventually turn into night. The crowd ultimately evaporates and disappears as shadows creep. Yesterday was no exception.

The activity had begun to wind down at this particular area. A single row of people lined the decorative barricade. With that single row, several gaps were also interspersed between sets of people. I continued the prowl in hopes of getting that one last ride before everyone scurried before nightfall.

At one point, I sized up a couple of what appeared to be American chicks. Both were attractive brunettes; slightly taller than average for women and wearing jeans. The one I stood closest to had the nicest butt. Didn't poke out, per se, but was wide to complement the seriously child bearing hips she possessed.

After some 10 minutes of sizing up the situation, it became apparent that it wasn't going to work out. Again, the thinness of the crowd, the fact that this was a duo, and that I had detected some level of awareness on their part made this a risky proposition in my mind.

As I began to move away, I considered leaving for the day, when I spotted HER! "Her" had a frizzy-curled mane of blonde hair and very high cheek bones. There are times when it's easy to I.D. the ethnicity as there are tell-tale signs, often evidenced genetically, but also enhanced in some fashion - clothing worn, style of hair, tattoos, etc. Ethiopians typically have very sharp, defined features that really separate them from others. Some of the European tribes have defining features that indicate a German heritage, or a Scandinavian heritage.

"Her" was definitely Dutch. This prospect really excited me! First off, the Dutch are known to be liberal with sexual attitude and mores. Secondly, it's been a rare treat (can you say Dutch treat???) to ride the fems of the Netherlands. Usually, when doing the touristic thing in L.A., the Dutch stay together as a family unit. The parents do not let the children wander too far way, even if those children are late teens & 20-somethings. The last eventful Dutch maiden I'd had occurred during a movie premiere a few years back with a young woman that was with her mother.

"Her" was likely mid 20s. As I checked her out closer, I noted the black, thin cotton track pants being worn. What really struck me was her stance - a prone stance, arms flush over the decorative barricade, standing with legs apart while essentially jutting her butt out. This was no means a defensive posture whereby the women contorts herself just so, stands upright, or crosses her legs behind her in an effort to minimize and/or detect contact from behind. At this moment, "Her" was engrossed with the little bit of activity that was going on in front of her eyes.

I really began to obsess....I passed behind two, three, four times....both in admiration and anticipation. If I could just get a bit....

I needed help. Again, the crowd was sparse and getting sparser. Then, a mishap as one of the kids performing fell and lay motionless of a brief period. A group of American-ized east Indians, standing to her right, began filming the aftermath. That gave me enough cover to quickly run over with pretense.

I was already hardup when I eased into her space from the right. I probed her flank with my probe.....uuummmm.....nice, firm - continuing to hold it out there. No reaction whatsoever until, suddenly, she stepped onto my right foot which, admittedly, was planted next to her right foot. This wasn't a malicious step, and she quickly apologized - in perfect American English!!! I became concerned - had I misjudged with whom I wished to play???

I decided to back off a bit and reassess "Her". She checked the box for tourist, no question. That left the ethnicity/nationality part open in my mind for debate. Again, "the look" said all Dutch. Then I recalled that some Dutch, depending on where and how intensive their English language training, can be pretty damn American sounding.

With the performer now recovering, the Indian group returned to filming the entire landscape of this spot. The space between them and "Her" had grown when I returned. Yet, I'd become horny that I threw some cation into the wind, deciding to poke her from the right once again. After a few minutes, again her foot came down upon mine. Another apology, "I just keep stepping onto your foot." I responded by saying it wasn't her fault (really, it wasn't, lol!) but that my size 13 feet are at fault. She grinned at this and turned back around.

With nightfall shortly at hand, a now few, scattered observers, and performers leaving, I knew I wasn't going to finish on a high note. I stood next to her, admiring that booty in its glory, as night overtook day.

I said to myself that "she'd be back tomorrow". I noticed that she had shown up so late in the day, had shown so much interest in the performers and, coupled with her youth,....yeah, she'd want to return.

When I woke up SAturday morning, I'd forgotten about her. I was more concerned with the forecast for rain in the afternoon. As I dressed, then left my abode, I noted the chill, damp air. A bad sign....this would curtail the crowd(s) at the tourist spot.

When I arrived the place was a ghostown. Few performers with fewer observers. It took about an hour - 12:00N, or so - for performances and crowds to pickup. I observe by alternating between different perches that afford me nearly complete visual coverage of the crowd.

I notice the trio of Swedes standing together at one of the corners. The short one with the fat booty seems like she might be a prospect. Now....if....I....can....just position.....myself. Didn't work out - the crowd coverage just wasn't there. Also, one of her companions had noticed me. But, she it wasn't suspiciously eyeing me as she was just eyeing me. Those quick, furtive glances of perhaps interest. If I were younger....perhaps. But, the leather pants were a turnoff. And, my head was entirely in the wrong place and space. I didn't want to talk - I wanted to nut.

They move off now. With that, I resume the prowl.

After moving between my two favorite perches, I decide to move down to a lower perch. This spot allows me to sit while observing who arrives. I've been sitting here for about 15 minutes when....is it?....I think!.....YES, it's "HER!!!" - striding up the walk to once again be an observer of the proceedings.

She's wearing the same cotton joggers, but I can also see the outline of shorts inside of the joggers. No matter - in an instant, I'm up - both literally & figuratively - ready to position myself at first opportunity. That opportunity was hard to come by. Though bigger, the crowd wasn't yet thick enough to work surreptitiously. She had positioned herself at a spot where the performers tend to congregate between acts. If enough congregate, there will be inside cover. This scenario may seem a bit odd, but for someone just approaching from the rear or side, the congregation of people at this area gives this immediate impression of there not being space. So, the tendency is to move elsewhere. The greater the spread of the congregants, the further away bystanders stand. It's counter-intuitive, but works to a large degree.

Another factor this day - I've brought a couple of props with me.

After a few minutes, lo-and-behold, the conditions change with the performers amassing which, in turn, allows me to use my props.

BINGO, I'm once again probing her right flank. She standing a bit differently today, alternately shifting weight from left-to-right leg, then back. While the contact breaks from time-to-time, when it does come back, it's firm and not hesitant. And, more importantly, without visible reaction.

This goes on for about 15 minutes. She then moves to her left - there's space there - and turns her head to look at me. With the props, I can play it off a bit, but I'm sure she recognizes me from yesterday. After a couple of more minutes, she walks off. DAMN!!! - and, just as luck would have it, a small family of 80 comes up to fill up all the open spaces in that area. Would have been nearly perfect cover.

I hadn't noticed how far off she'd walked, or if she's just walked off entirely. I moved away from our previous spot toward one of my perches when I spotted her walking back from a different portion of the venue. I quickly decided to stand atop my perch, thinking that (a) I'd be able to see where she moved to if she decided to stay, or (b - the arrogant thought) she'll see me and maybe stop in vicinity.

Fellas, turned out to be (b). Of course, I can't say it was truly because of me. But, I will say this - there were other spots where she could've stood, including near our original spot. yet, her she was, right under my nose (and my **** for that matter!)

I was wound tightly, ready to pounce. But I had to use both patience and good judgment here. Again, not enough cover. Plus, I was considering the big booty Indian standing near her right. Ultimately, I said to myself that I'm going with what I know. I decided to wait it out.

I moved from standing to a sitting position behind this girl. All the while, staring, just waiting for my chance. Perhaps she sensed this when she then turned to look back at me. I maintained my cool, as if looking into the distance, but all the while using my peripheries.

She hadn't moved all the way back to the barricade. After she turned back around, she began giving me a show, with flexing and other spasmodic movements of her ass. My goodness, did I have a raging hard on to hide. All I could do was continue to sit behind her.

A half-hour later, one of the best performers shows up and immediately begins to entertain. His performance is such that he can be seen from a distance when at his best. Oh-oh!!! Here comes the crowd. The spaces around her are beginning to fill - yet the space at her immediate sides remain open. And look at that- shes moved to the barricade and is now leaning on it.

I stand up, yet my back toward her. With crowd psychology, I know when others see that I'm (apparently) not paying attention to the action, they'll feel no compunction in filling those last spaces. Five minutes - yes, a female tourist with a backpack fill in to the right. ("HER" is now bending over the barricade!!!) I see a Chinese couple striding up. I move a few steps further away, hoping to entice them....

They take the space to the left - I pounce in on her, no hesitation. And because I'm hard already, she feels me and looks back. Doesn't say anything, but does shift her weight from her right to her left leg so that I lose contact with her. However, shortly thereafter, I feel her foot once again move onto my foot (perhaps that was her sensing method), and she moves back to the right. This time, the contact is fuller and firmer, Fuller and Firmer, FULLER and FIRMER....

I look down....she's subtly thrusting her ass back into me. It was discrete - almost lady like in a way. Yet, I could feel the thrust, and the ache and throb were heavy now. Though a fairly large crowd had formed by now, too much movement in response by me would get unwanted attention. Yet, I had to thrust back - but I also did slow swipes and wide, slow circles.

When I finished, I pulled away. And, I suppose she'd sensed it as well, as she also shifted back left away nearly simultaneously. After another five or so minutes, she straightened herself and moved out of the space. Brushed by me but, again, not a word. After she moved out, I noticed, with the aid of my peripheries, her lingering kind of behind me and to my right. She was looking my way. I wonder what was in her mind at that point? DId she want to talk? Did she want me to talk to her? All I know is that with my head being in the wrong place, I couldn't have talked to her - particularly after that moment.

I didn't turn to see which direction she walked off in. If the weather is better tomorrow, perhaps....

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