Fappy New Year's

Back with another story after a hiatus. So I had to hit up a nightclub I knew was gonna be packed. Tons of sexy girls in skin tight dresses to cop a feel on. I waited until the ball was ready to drop and everyone clustered in front of the big screen to make my finishing move. This white girl shaking her ass to the music was in front of me and I wasted no time. The fog machine gave me the perfect coverage to whip out my cock and let her go to town on me. There was nowhere to move which was perfect for me.

I felt my load about to release, and after the ball dropped she and everyone else started jumping up and down. Her movements were the final straw for my dick and I came all on her ass in the middle of the fog filled festivities. Confetti rained down from the ceiling and a string of it got stuck to her ass from my cum. I thought it was a nice parting gift, decorating her ass.

It's good to be back lol

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