Winter Break with Cousin Lori (WARNING: she may be 28 years old)

This past new years reminds me of a time I humped the shit outta my cousin when I was 19 and a virgin.
I've been cruising this board for about 10 years never posting.

I spent new years with my cousins and winter vacation. For about 3 weeks I didn't really go outside so I grew horny and sexually frustrated and seeing my cousins body all the time added to what occured.
I've fantasized about drilling my cousins ass since I was a boy, she was 28 with a boyfriend and child.
Her name is Lori.

It's an hour after new years.
Most of the family left and the ones that stayed are drunk out cold.
In the kitchen theres only two people: me and lori.
I'm by the stove and she's washing dishes. Her 8 year old daughter is in the living room watching spongebob. There's still music playing from the party so it's difficult to hear us.
Course I've been drinking so has she, but Lori is more intoxicated then I am for sure. Her boyfriend left for work (security Guards dont really get holidays)

I'm leaning by the stove admiring her ass while she washes. We're talking about the normal stuff. New years resolutions. I already took my pants off (preparing to sleep) so I have these soft boxers on. I had an erection brewing the more I fantasized about fucking Lori.
I remember my other cousin telling me Lori told him, when they were smoking a joint, she's been sexually frustrated as her bf hasn't been fulfilling her sexual needs.
The more I stare at her ass the more I want her, shaped so well in her pajama shorts, dancing to the music, ass cheeks jiggling. Lori looks back and remarks "You can go to sleep dude. You seem tired..." she noticed my boner "geezes dude! What the hell is that" she just kinda looked at me, whispering a little. After a few seconds of awkwardness she turned back to washing dishes.
I was HARD, a bit drunk, importantly horny.

Don't know what came over me but I walked behind her, bent my legs, and thrusted deep into her ass crack. I could feel her warmth through my boxers. Her ass jiggled on my dick when I hit pay dirt, her ass cheeks enveloped my dick.
She stood suprised and whispered "What the fuck! Get off me!" I immediately replied "You're really drunk Lori let me help with those" I move my hips back and forth into her ass as i said it. I dont think she was wearing panties.
I held her child bearing hips while pumping her ass. Caressing my dick all around her ass. Up and down, side by side, I've reached nirvana!
I closed my eyes to savor this moment, she stopped washing dishes and tried moving away but I held my ground, I gasp in pleasure. I look down at this beautiful moment my dick twitching in her. The only thoughts I had while I admired her body, her hips, ass cheeks, hair, back, was "Put a baby in her. Fuck her. I want her to carry my child" my dick kept twitching while she shifted her weight from her legs to accodomate my dick (probably felt uncomfortable for her)
After about a minute of humping I think she got use to it, Lori just said "are you done yet?" In a tired manner.
I release my dick from my boxers and entered her crack. I feel it all, her shorts provides no resistance, she sighed everytime my dick twitches.
I can feel her warm wetness surrounding my dick. This was too much for me, her ass cheeks massaging my dick with every thrust as it jiggles on me, I blew up into her pajamas shorts while I stopped deep into her ass, she kept whispering "dont dont dont motherfucker!" Gallons of cum into her ass cheeks and dropped into Lori's bare legs.
I stepped back.
"Oh shit"
She said "clean up the floor"

She went into the bathroom as soon as she said it. Probably clean herself up and shower. Her shorts were soaked in my jizz. My heart was thumping, thumping, skipping beats, the weight of what happened scared me. I went straight to bed.

When everyone left that morning after (it was her parents house where she's staying with her bf and kid) I felt pretty great. The fear from yesterday left as she seemed to of not been taken out by it. I went into the bathroom and noticed her shorts were washed and drying.

Once again she was in the kitchen finishing up washing dishes wearing tights. I joined her going by her side. She just said "hi"
I back handed her right cheek. Then her ass crack and left it there. She sighed when I turned my hand and held her jiggly right ass cheek, Lori looked forward and tried to ignore me. I rested my hand on her lower crotch area and began fingering her. She shook and said "what the fuck" As an immediate reaction (her bf and kid were home but far from the kitchen) so I wasnt afraid of them hearing us. Plus Lori's bf was a dick so I dont hold any guilt.
After she said that she grabbed my arm and confessed "that's too far!".
She let me go then proceeded to wash the dishes again.
I went behind her and touched her shoulders and apologized while I digged in her ass with my dick again.
Another sigh.
A bit annoyed.
My hands stayed on her shoulder while I began humping again. More slowly this time trying to savor it.
She seems unfazed about me taking pleasure from her ass.
I said some weird shit while humping like "I want you so bad Lori"
"Please let me have sex with you"
I was moaning and had pleasure attached to my voice.
I think she was naturally horny and understood a young man's sexual urges.

Anyways this continued for the whole break. She got use to it and let me do my thing. She started to enjoy it gradually, we exchanged phone numbers so she could tell me when she's in the kitchen alone.

There was once when we had to go get some groceries and she needed help with it as the other men were at work or in school. The whole time I stuck to her like glue, I was wearing really soft sweatpants. I almost came when she was turning at an aisle and stopped immediately while my dick was buried deep in to her.

I tried many many times to persuade her to sex, doing the same thing over and over grows dull. Lori said something along the lines of us being cousins and she already has a bf. I remember saying something like "Lori, I'm a man who has sexual needs. And you're a woman with sexual needs. I love you, and you love me, not in the romantic way but as cousins. But with that a special trust" and well
It worked.

This is a frott site so I wont get into it. I will say she got on the pill so i did it raw.

Whenever a friend asks me if I'm a virgin I had to think so I dont blurt "yeah i fucked my cousin"
Either way, after that break we didnt really see each other at all. Maybe at parties and said hi. She ended up having another kid recently. She comes visit sometimes. I was thinking of showing you all a picture of her from a few years ago but can't really trust the internet. Once its uploaded you cant really get it back.

So yeah, that's the story of my first grope with my cousin

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