Yes, I’m real

I’m real. I live in the NYC area and chikan is one of the fetishes near the top of my list. Crowded concerts and festivals are probably my favorite locations because it’s usually dark and people try to get away with a little more.

I’ve been to Japan twice and wore skirts with no underwear on the trains there. One day on vacation I just took the Circle Line for a couple of hours leading into rush hour hoping to get molested. A friend there told me it was unlikely because the men are afraid to molest foreign women despite chikan being super common. I was so disappointed.

My experience has been that getting groped for real (on the MTA for example) is always extremely underwhelming. It’s just an obvious back of the hand bunch of bullshit and when it’s so cowardly it’s more of a turn off than a turn on. If I’m at a show and someone does something like grab me around the waist and stick a hand up my skirt so I can’t move though, then that’s hot. I think the dream is to get fucked by surprise that way, but I know that isn’t going to happen.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and grope me riding the G, J/M/Z, or 6 sometimes.

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