The Pizza Shop Trainee (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I recently went into a local pizza shop to pick up my food. They were busy, and there was a line. As I waited, I noticed a girl who was working the register and the phones. She was cute as hell. Soft curly brunette hair, green eyes, 110 pounds of perfectly proportioned teenage body. And that ass! My god! Two perfectly shaped globes with a yoga pant wedgie!

She had a "in training" badge, and seemed more interested in flirting with a couple of teenage boys who were working as cooks then answering the phone or working the register. This slowed things down even more.

The manager was a greasy, fat and balding old guy. He was working the cook line, but I noticed he kept looking at the same girl as me - specifically at her ass. Can't say as I blamed him.

It was finally my turn in line, and she seemed to be having trouble finding my order to take payment. The manager came over when he noticed the trouble, put his hands on either side of the girl on the counter, and pressed forward with his hips! There was no way that his cock wasn't jammed into that sweet teenage ass!

She had a grossed out look on her face, and tried to shift, but he had her pinned against the counter. I figured all that did was rub her ass against him. The manager grinned and asked what the problem was. She explained, and he slowly explained step by step what to do.

There was no doubt it my mind that he was gyrating his crotch into her ass as she worked. This must have been why he hired her in the first place! Good for him. I decided to help, so I bought a gift card, and added some drinks onto my order to give him a few more minutes of fun.

Every time she successfully followed an instruction he would creepily say something like "Ya that's it." or "Mmmmhmmmm" haha! Made my day to help him enjoy that flirty teenage butthole.

Will have to see what happens, wouldn't surprise me to see him in the news down the road if he keeps this up with his female employees.

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