Guestz - Snoop Dogg star ceremony

Yes, I was there, albeit I arrived late. It was probably for the best as the police presence was greater than normal for these events.

Since I arrived late, I couldn't access the barricaded area abutting that portion of sidewalk where the ceremony actually took place. Did a quick walk-by and noticed one sista bouncing up-and-down to "Gin & Juice" in a nuts-to-butts situation. There were others....more on that later.

Since I was frozen away from the main crowd, I chose to work the hinterlands. A large, unorganized crowd - restrained only by police tape - had formed to one side of the barricaded area.

Prospects were looking slim when I noted two young (20-ish) Euro babes standing at the outer edge. Both were shorter than I like, but both had nice asses accentuated by the cut of the jeans they were wearing. Kind of hard to's as if the jeans were stitched in an oval to accentuate the cheeks. Interesting cuts from some portions of Europe.

Eventually, they both worked their way into the heart of the crowd. As I followed, I listened to a much conversation between them as I could hear - definitely Russian-esque. Perhaps not from Russia itself, perhaps Ukraine, Moldova, or another of the former U.S.S.R. satellites.

The one with the best ass accidentally bumped me with her arm and excused herself as she moved deeper into the crowd. At a point when she cannot go further, I began my receptiveness tests.

She let me kinda lay into her, but every so often, a gap would form ahead of her to move into. So it was bump-stand-move, bump-stand-move. This went on about half hour until such point that there was no more space. Up to this point, because I'd bumped her so often, I decided to take it easy and observe her actions.

She didn't disappoint! She actually began backing up toward me in incremental steps. And when she finally reached me, she practically leaned against my chest and buried that ass into my groin. She didn't seem to care that she'd left her friend standing behind us.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't really relax much. Way too much looky-loo activity. Two black women - one to each side; An older white-guy standing behind me, who just couldn't stop nodding his approval every time I looked behind me; And the brotha-sista couple who, initially, were trying to move past me. However, they eventually noticed "things". At one point, the brotha, in attempting to cast a remark under his breathe, spoke just a little too loudly in saying, "He's all up in that" (lol).

Might have been a truly memorable day if not for the looky-loos. The girl would adjust not only her posture, but her mere stance. In doing so, she send these pulses down my shaft as those adjustments increased the firmness with how she landed, or repositioned her butt in such a way as to move the trigger point. I suppose the best way to explain it is you know how a female will lift her ass into you when she wants to get you hardup....

I got pretty damn leaky, but couldn't finish the job....damn looky-loos!

Toward the end of the ceremony, I managed to get into the barricaded area. LAPD woefully underestimated the anticipated size of the crowd and ended up closing the street. That gave me cover to make a move.

Lots of guys I hadn't seen before were at work. Noticed what appeared to be a mother-daughter duo getting tagged by a couple of random dudes. Fine young, light-brown sis, wearing a jumper - at least 6'0" with a smashing body - was trying to get out of that crowd something fierce. Dude followed her to the point where she could exit, then he turned to go back in. I figured he had been "tormenting" her.

I'd rate my experience as merely OK. But the opportunity for a better time was there if I'd gotten there sooner.

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