I'm a nasty man

I have a unusual way of doing things to some of my targets. I like to get my cum on pretty girls. Sometimes at my job I will grope them if I get a chance. But if I can't touch them I get them in other ways. I used to get my ex roommate who was a sexy girl by sneaking Her underwear out of the dryer when she wasn't home and master bating in them (just a little) then putting them back in the dryer. I like to know my cum is in between her legs. I also get the pretty sluts at work when I get there early. I will jerkoff and take some of my cum and spread it on their phone! I put a thin coat over the mouthpiece and the earpiece so when they use the phone they are putting my cum against their ears and lips! It's makes me smile just seeing that I get a hardon knowing they just made contact with my cum!

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