regular has got new experience

I suddenly met my regular. I groped her 3-4 times. But last time was 9 month ago. I haven’t seen her all this time. Today she sat in the middle of the bus. Many seats was free but I intentionally and confidently headed to her. No matter who thinks what. I’d do what I need to do. She started smiling and silently laughing when I sat down next to her. I saw this by peripheral vision but did not show and stayed serious. I really hate it because such behavior means she considered my action not as I wish. I slowly and confidently prepared myself for groping – placed big bag on my legs, turned off internet and stated recording. I didn’t point camera on her right away in order not to scary her. I decided to have fun and not to set any objectives for this groping like reach pussy or dominate her by hard pressing her leg. I was touching, pressing, and stroking her leg with my palm and each finger separately. From the hip to the ankle. She wore same soft slightly elastic pants (almost leggings) as 9 month ago. In 3 minutes I still saw she was smiling. I decided to punish her for that. I started groping harder and was pushing my hand deeply between seat and her hip. It wasn’t hard but some new experience for her. In a few minutes, she also became more serious and concentrated. A couple of minutes I was doing that without intensifying. I was also writing letters on her leg by my finger) Not looked at her even once since I sat I stood up and got off. She’s got some new experience to think about and do homework. I’m looking forward to meet her again

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