My 2 cents

This is my preference: I want to do what I do without any problems. So I prefer my targets either don't know, don't care, or fully participate. I don't want them resisting, with one exception: if they are just trying to time it so their friends/BF don't pickup on what's going on. I can understand that type of resistance, but anything other than that I'm not comfortable with. I've had younger girls that really gave in but I try to steer clear of those. Underage I don't really want, although in the past I have let a few get me caught up. Decades ago when I was in my 20's and single I picked up this incredible female out late one night. When she got in I said out loud that she was too young, but she lied and said she wasn't. I went ahead and did my thing. She was one of the smoothest, prettiest things you can imagine. She had just walked out the house she was walking from and had actually just taken a shower. You could smell how clean she was! and I asked her why she was walking the streets. She saiid she only snuck out to make some quick money twice. So smooth I kissed her thighs: had her hot and ready! I actually told her she shouldn't be doing this: then I nutted, all over her beautiful clean skin!

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