More Christmas Party

In my office the female to male ratio is 4:1 and the ages are 80% under 30 years. Plenty of young, beautiful, sexy, slim, fit women around me and I'm friends with almost all of them. Some I know their partners and some even their parents, and they know me too. At work they wear things like tight fitting dresses, pencil skirts, high heels, loose short skirts, skin tight leggings, some girls wear sexy dresses you'd expect on a night out. I love it, I've often gone to the toilets to furiously masturbate just to release the sexual tension building up inside me.

Christmas parties are never dull where I work, I always get lots of grope action because I'm patient and observe everyone, let them get senselessly drunk while I sip on water, juices or cola. I reject offers for a proper drink giving fake excuses about shit I have to do early the next morning, like "I have to pickup my brother from the airport at 7am" type of thing. I'm super helpful, often going to the bar and bringing drinks back for people. On the way there and while waiting to be served I swipe, backhand and feel every sexy thigh, hip and ass in reach. I love encroaching into the personal space of women when they lean in to order drinks, when they stop leaning their ass sits into my crotch and I act completely innocent. Could do it all day long. Love the sight and feel of my bulging cock growing into a stupid pretty girls ass. I behave completely unaware of what's going on and it works every single time.

So that's the background.

Our Christmas Party 2018 was really good, I was admiring all the pretty faces and slutty dresses during the meal. Once we left the restaurant and the crowd had thinned down to the freaks, night owls and party loving colleagues. There was about 30 of us left as we went to a really packed nightclub together. No more than 10 of us were men, all the rest sexy tipsy/drunk girl colleagues.

While lining up to get in I was huddled up with 3 girls from the Finance Team. They were in barely-there scantily clad clubber dresses, freezing in the wind, so I had my arms around 2 and the other one spent most of the time standing with her back pressed to my chest while talking to girls in front of us. This lasted around 30 mins but felt so much longer. We were talking and joking about all sorts of boring shit. I took my chance to assess how drunk they were and might plan to get, by luck the one in front of me was dumped by her boyfriend a week ago so she was going to get shitfaced I predicted and was a bit tipsy already but by no means drunk. The other two both have boyfriends at home, lucky bastards get to nail these sexy beautiful little sluts everyday. The one in front is Danielle she's 20 years old and has been at our company over a year, around 5'1 and a dress size 6 I think - slim fit toned sexy legs, very pretty face with blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. She looks like something you'd fuck, lick, kiss, grope day and night for weeks without getting tired. The other two girls - Sam she's 26 again very pretty and gorgeous toned body, around 5'5 and a natural blonde. She's got a very timid and shy personality, I kept caressing her naked upper back feeling her amazing smooth skin in my hand the entire time we were lined up, boyfriend level kind of affection I was giving her. It was really cold thankfully so they wanted to huddle up, caressing her skin just seemed like a thoughtful thing to do. I turned to talk to others around us and turned in Sam's direction mostly to get my face in her hair it smelt so fucking sexy. Also I enjoyed the view looking down at her tits, deep cleavage. And the third slut was Rebecca who's 23 and joined us about 4 months ago, really gullible girl, I loved what she was wearing, it was such a tiny dress that I'd seen her black thongs underneath a hundred times by this point of the night. She's a brunette around 5'3 I think. Every chance I got I dropped my hand off her shoulder and let it tap and brush her ass, felt the skin of her ass cheeks so many times. I was getting the biggest boner and precum leakage because of her AND she was the most tipsy at this point. She was completely unaware how much I had touched her bum because my arm movements were innocent and done while either she or I was talking, so it distracted her. On a few occasions I raised and pressed my backhand to her crack and the corner of both ass cheeks and left it there for over 20 seconds, she was completely oblivious, didn't notice my backend rested against the naked parts of her delicious firm sexy bum. I could feel drops of precum leaking out my hard dick. I was wishing Danielle would press her ass to my dick but she didn't, the slutty little tease.
Every time we took a step forward or shuffled I would bump against Rebecca's ass a bit more, look down at Danielle's ass and endlessly caress circles on Sam's upper back naked skin. Couldn't wait to get in but very much enjoyed being lined up like this.

When I have time I'll write up all the noteworthy stories and details from the club and when I took Rebecca and Danielle home to Rebecca's flat in a taxi after 3am.

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