Christmas Parties


Gotta be careful when you're drunk. You'll be running into these girls the rest of the year.

Years ago, we had a Christmas party at the top floors of the Chrysler building. All the married old geezers already had picked which recent college grad they were going to bang. This was unknown to me. I really wanted this single Jewish brunette, and i also wanted a very young tall blonde Irish. Unknown to me both were already picked by partners. As i got drunker, i tried to hump the brunette. I was a new grad and she was a manager, but alcohol messes up judgement. I grabbed her from behind and proceeded to grind. She protested and ran to my manager. He pulled me away and sat me at the bar and explained i can't do this. Then he left. I sat at the bar trying to pick up the bartender. She from behind the bar, grabbed my balls, and just ignored me. Maybe not her type. I then walked around and Irish girl. Talked to her, told her i had a crush. She giggled. Things were going smoothly, until Jeff, the partner who picked her out, came by. By this time, i was stroking her long blonde hair, and touching her arms, and innocently brushing her breasts. Jeff came to us, gave me an evil look, than looked at her, and walked away. She looked at him walking away, and she followed him. She was his. He was going to help her climb the corporate ladder. I ended humping the mailroom woman who looked really good. But she belonged to another guy (maintenance?) who i never saw before. All the cute girls were with the old partners. Next week was tough as the brunette gave me mean looks in the hallway for grabbing her at the party and trying to grind her. Jeff also made things hard for me by constantly complaining on me for small things. And the mailroom girl, was actually a lot older and good looking without alcohol. Work and fun should be kept separate.

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