@MAXMOND & NARF I suspect your ex-girlfriend probably got a lot worse than what I've ever done. If a person in a position of trust like a brother, uncle, tutor starts groping and molesting a kid while the kid just has to KNOWINGLY let it happen then THAT is fucked up. That is what a victim is. Castration, death penalty, prison for life for heartless people like that I say because they are dangerous to everybody. And for sure the victim is going to be messed up by that.
On that flight I did some very pleasurable risky things, though I would never for a moment let them sense I'm doing anything perverted or taking advantage of them. That's my style, keep it dumb and innocent... I'd be the fireman when rescuing who would carry a sexy girl over my shoulder while resting a hand on her ass the entire time... the paramedic who would rest a hand on a tit or hip getting a good feel up... the bumbling naive man who pokes his groin in to female asses in bars and clubs... the friendly colleague feeling up sexy colleagues on nights out when they're drunk... dumb shit like that where nobody but me knows what's really going.

@RED I don't think they'll remember my face or anything from the flight at all. My pleasure is victimless.

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