Re: Max Mond

Sounds like my ex girlfriend. She had tons of issues, but I loved her regardless. She was molested by her brother multiple times as a kid (once at 3 and again at 7) which made her distant and hesitant about having sex. Never got to go all the way with her, only getting blowjobs. In the end she broke up with me, because she couldn't handle the sexual aspect. Told me every time we did something sexual it reminded her of being molested (PTSD I'm guessing). Too broken to connect emotionally, but going back on topic.

Finally have a method of transportation, but going out for Christmas might not be an option for me right now. But afterwards New Year's Eve is definitely a go. Haven't had a good groping since Halloween and I'm itching to get back into the game again. I know nightclubs and bars will be packed during the weekend.

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