Young Girls


I have an ex girlfriend who has severe emotional problems. She was the "one" for me had it worked out. Her emotional problems kept getting in the way. She is unorganized, depressed, extremely moody, extremely needy, and she even tried to kill herself once. Despite all these issues, she was still perfect for me. Didn't work out though. But through therapy, it came out that the root cause of her problems is childhood molestation and possible rape (she wouldn't tell me). She was molested once by a distant uncle, and then again by a tutor. Many men came on her because she "looked older than her age." The tutor might have raped her too. She cries a lot suddenly for no reason. She can't express herself, can't get too deep in relationships, and lots of other issues.

@Happy, you judged those girls to be 13-14. Now you say, you have no idea because they looked older. You groped her butt and you said so yourself she didn't know what to make of this and let you wipe her butt. Do you think an adult woman would let you do this? Kids don't have good judgement, don't fuck them up for life for a few mins of perverse pleasure. Just because she has matured physically, you proved that she was mentally no more than 13-14.

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