Women's skin

I might be a freak of nature. I love women and I love their skin, the thigh "meat especially. I'm a lot like some other chikans on this board. I like to cum on my targets. Screwing is one thing that I only save for close relationships. But chikan is for strangers as I see it as another form of sexual outlet. The main reason for my post is this: I like groping smooth thighs so much that I get aroused to climax if I grope and have my way with certain targets.
I'm not talking about every time I grope. But there was this one girl on a bus route I used to take to school. She wore really short dresses and had flawless skin. She was not fat and really had the perfect body that I'm sure most of not all of you would like (well maybe not Red Dragon. He doesn't like black girls). She was perfect until you got to her head: ugly! Maybe I'm being hard on her face but she had a small head and big lips. What made her seem ugly was the fact she wore tons of makeup and you really couldn't tell what she actually looked like. Anyway I think that was why nobody paid much attention to her, except I recognized a diamond in the rough.
One day I sat next to her on this overcrowded bus. She had on that short dress and was almost sleep. I could barely fit on the seat without falling off, but I managed. I think the only reason she hadn't fallen asleep was because she may have thought she would tip over if she did. But once I got on the seat she realized as long as I was there (she was in the middle of me and another passenger) she would be able to sleep.
It was one minute before she started snoring and I dropped my right hand down between her thigh and mines. Her skin was smooth as silk! It had a shine to it, and for a moment I raised my hand to my nose to see if I could smell whatever the oily substance was. Sure enough it was baby out! Girl had put on a tight, short skirt and then oiled her already perfectly smooth skin down with Johnson's baby oil.
I went back to groping her. First with the back of my hand, then I used my newspaper to hide my hand as I turned it over to palm her upper thigh with my right hand. OMG, I was thinking. She was snoring (or pretending) really loud now and I briefly worried that she might wake herself but she didn't. A few passengers in front of us looked around and snickered but didn't see my hand. I was glad when they started ignoring her and minded their own business.
Now I was periodically slowly going from the top of her knee up to under her short skirt. It was a lot of exposed skin and I was now sure she didn't care or was too sleepy to know what I was doing to her. The bus would turn sharp and people standing in the aisle would lean against memaking me lean against her, in turn I would squeeze and careess her even harder. I'd been rock hard ever since I first touched her, so now I'm throbbing beyond imagination. Her skin was the biggest turn-on I ever had in a situation like this. I increased the friction, she slept. I leaned against her really hard-she slept. When I approached my destination after 40 minutes of this, I couldn't take it anymore. She was sleeping so hard she was slobbering a little. I though about pulling my cock out to shoot a load on her before I exited, but there was no way to do it. I had worked myself up to a frenzy. I made one last bold move: I reached in between her smooth thighs: the softest part of a women's legs, and ran my hand from top to the inside of her knee. She moved a little but didn't wake up. That did it for me! I came so hard in my pants that I was moaning to myself. A big load. I was so happy but at the same time mad. It was a very strong orgasm, but I had wanted it on her. I decided Ioverall that it was a memorable experience and I just left it at that. I got to my destination and got up, weak in the knees and left.
I molested her many time after that but not to that extent. I did cum several times touching her shin. It was a once in a lifetime thing. But one I'll always remember.

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