If anybody here is attracted by the pre-teen prepubescent type of look/age need immediate help such as therapy and are a danger to all humans. Throughout history people have been having sex and getting married at the puberty age, around the world particularly in Europe, so perhaps there is space for discussion on that. Anything younger = scary dangerous wrong. One of my exes said she went through puberty at age 9 which apparently is common in Spain. So it's not necessarily limited to age when people body changes can happen at different ages.
Everything I have ever done has been entirely innocent to those around me. Sometimes it is extremely obvious when a perv is a perv, most tell-telling signs are body language and rapist-eyes. I don't go out there like rapists seeking prey, my style is entirely opportunistic - never want to cause distress to anybody. Those that go out of their way investing hours and money to get some brief touches, gropes and frotts scare me, they need help before they get worse and do worse.

@GUEST42 that's scary, I was careful but anybody could be watching from an angle that I assumed was blocked from view I'm just a friendly bumbling clumsy guy!

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