Re: HappyGoLucky

I used to work for a major airline. Back in the late 90's a guy pulled a similar stunt like you did. He thought he'd gotten away, clean. Yes the circumstances were a little different. But he touched two young girls, not together, but sitting nearby and passing him to go to the bathroom, briefly visit fellow passengers. He got off the plane and thought all was good. But when he got ready to catch a shuttle to get a rental car he was approached by cops, the girls and their family. Led him off to jail. Seems someone, a noisy old lady, was watching from a short distance and notice his hands, told the parents once off the plane, and they followed him while someone got a cops attention. It wasn't the only time this sort of thing happened. A lot of drunk people fly planes. They drink to numb their fear of flying. So they get careless and they do all sorts of things. If you think nobody is looking just keep doing it. You'll eventually learn

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