Re: Max Mond - That Time of the Month

Max Mond wrote: "@Shogun, in case you're wondering, it's that time of the month so no action in the bedroom."

Have any of you guys been with women who wanted to "do it" during "that time of the month"? I have, and I gotta tell ya . . . I did that shit three times in my life . . . and strike three you're out! I'll never do it again as I was just too grossed out the third and final time.

I think that women are used to "leaking" down there, and for them it's not so gross. Well, obviously at least for some women anyway. I had a girlfriend who wanted it, and I was then at the point where I wasn't gonna, and just told her no.

She said that she experienced cramping, and that having a stiff boner thrusting in and out of there actually made her feel good and took away the cramps. Sorry baby! But no can do! LOL!

On another topic, Max your girlfriend's declaration that she doesn't like getting chikaned begs the question . . . so why is she dating you now then??? I mean, people can be so irrational. Maybe she truly does like it, but she said no so as not to upset you? Who knows.

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