Sat between two sisters on a flight - part 2

I accidentally hit post but there's more to add, so here's part 2.
Second time the one to my right got up to go the toilet I could not repeat getting her to fall on my lap, she was more careful, but I did get a lot of good feels of her legs while I was pretending to be helpful getting out of her way. She stepped between my legs carefully and I leaned back pretending to give her space but placed my hands on my knees, palms standing so she was the one rubbing her legs across my palms. Felt amazing, her legs against my palms, so soft and smooth because of her thin black leggings. As a bonus her sister to my left was slow giving her room to pass by so I kept my hand touching her leg getting a lovely long feel of her.
While she was gone I discreetly spilt water on her seat to see what she would do when her sexy little bum sits down and gets soaked...... she came back and sat straight down on the water. My heart was racing! I watched her from the corner of my eye as she put a hand under her bum and realised it was wet. She seemed so confused, probably couldn't figure out if she wet herself from her toilet visit. I think she wanted to get up to go check but didn't want to walk around with a wet ass hahahaha.
I spent the next half hour getting sneaky backhand feels of the sister to my left. Then she got up to go to the toilet. The sister to my right took her chance and stood up and said with a cute shy smile "sorry can I get past?" When she stood up I looked at her wet ass and could clearly see her panties through her leggings - Son fucking sexy, I said hold on and gestured to her to sit down and I leaned into her ear and whispered "your bum looks really wet everybody's going to see". I reached into my bag and pulled out my small face towel and gave it to her with a friendly smile she took it gladly and leaned her body towards the window with her ass facing me and started pressing it against her bum to soak up the water. Then she whispered "does it look ok now?" I shook my head saying "no" looking at her gorgeous little wet teenage bum with her panties showing right through the thin fabric. I took the face towel from her and started pressing it on her bum, all over, real slow squeezes, grabbing handfuls of her firm sweet fit ass. I did it about 10 times and checked again, whispered "it's getting better". It actually looked dry now but I wanted too freely grope her until her sister returned. I again wrapped the total around my hand and kept slowly squeezing her ass cheeks in turn, squeezing and feeling between her crack, maintaining a helpful expression on my face. You can imagine how this felt my heart racing and buckets of precum oozing out of my boner. She was completely unaware how much pleasure i was getting out of this, she just thought of me as a helpful passenger. I then put my bare hand on her bum and said "that's better" to her after a good firm squeezing grope of the whole area of her bum. Then I wiped her seat to remove any leftover water. She thanked me!

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