Flashing next?

I had day off today. I put on my jogging pants and headed for the park to get some exercise. But when i saw lots of women in
business clothes heading for the subway, i decided to join them to warm them up. Without work clothes, I got no results. Everyone kind of veered away from me. Just looking at the girls looking pretty, and the motion of the train, got me hard. No problem, my long coat covers everything. But unknown to me, the lower 2 buttons of my long coat were open. I heard giggling, almost like laughter, from the girl directly in front me. See had a nice private view. As i saw her staring, it felt like she was sucking me. I got fully stiff, and when that happens, my penis starts to spasm, and moves up and down. Every time it moved, she would giggle, and and she just focused on it. Its strange, i could "feel" her eyes on my penis. When i got a wet spot from precum, i saw her nostrils expand, she inhaled, then bit wet her lips, then bit her lower lip. No eye contact throughout the whole thing.

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