Re: Red Dragon

Red Dragon, I've never had a chance to try this "arm humping", but with a little thought I can imagine the rush it might provide. I know some on this board wouldn't consider it and that too I understand. I think all of "us" chikans have different reasons for what and how we do what we do. Some like simulating ass-fucking a target, which is definitely a turn-on for me too. But my thing has always kinda been like "hey, I got this big, hard thing pressed up against your thigh, ass, or even on your bare back (depending on the situation) and if you don't mind I'm gonna do it until I bust a nutt either in my pants or, with any luck, on your bare skin! I've had the pleasure many, many times over of succeeding with this wish, and I plan on continuing to achieve it as long as my body lets me. But one of these days I'm hoping to get in a position to maybe try the arm-thing. Wish me so luck!

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