Humped an arm!

Lol...i was stuck next to the door on the train,and my genitals ended on up on a woman's arm. She was young-ish, dark hair, green eyes (i had to check). I was standing sideways in the door, with my back towards backs of other Chikans. One chikan had a cane. I've seen this old black dude before. My body was facing her arm. she had a coat, but I thought lets try it. I pressed, and she felt it, and was startled at first and looked up at me. I made a stupid innocent face, and apologized loudly. She had nice green eyes. Somehow my apology made it ok! She pretended to close her eyes after that and started a slow hump, growing on top of her arm, and poking into it(kind of). While ass is way better, i really did enjoy her facial expressions as i grew and hardened and she felt it. Her face changed from pale to tomato red! Afterwards, went straight my girls apt, and unloaded. Ahh.

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