All worked up over coworker!

Man, I tell you! I got a coworker that is unbelievably beautiful, she's always staring at me, and even once told me how handsome she thought I am! She's a foreigner with a heavy accent, model material, and middle eastern! I'm sure she wants the dick, but I'd be fine with just a good dry hump. Only this one I cannot touch for reasons I will not say. It's just totally off-limits. I'm pretty sure my better half knows this girls feelings, so I can't even let her think there's a spark on my end. Pure torcher is what it is. Today for instance, she bent over in front of me and the back of her top rose up and revealed the prettiest skin of her crack and top of her ass! I wanted to stick my finger (and something else) right in there and abuse her, but had to hurry and look away so I wouldn't get caught. Any of you all going through this type of torture?

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