The Status of Women and Its Relation to Frotteurism

This topic has been touched on earlier by others including Max Mond and Red Dragon. Here's my take on it.
In societies where women have low status, someone other than them controls their bodies. Usually, it's their father or husband. In such societies opportunities for us frotteur will be very limited. In societies where women are "equal" they control their bodies and can choose whom they have sex with. It seems to me, that when that is the case opportunities for us frotteurs will be better. The experience of faith in chaos and of me myself suggests that when women are free to choose, about a quarter of them will say yes to frotteurism.
In my Caribbean country, women are about equal to men. They have the same legal rights and have equal access to education. In fact, for some reason, girls tend to outperform boys in our schools, and they outnumber males by three to one at the university. Most of the younger doctors, lawyers and accountants are women. And abortion is legal and provided by the State. So there is no question that women enjoy equality in my country, and, for the reasons I gave above, I think this helps me as a frotteur.

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