willing female is not a crime. i know we can't make our own justification of what is right and wrong. but if your conscience is guilty then you have done wrong. a willing female like BigT said is not a crime i feel.
now she could be a wife or a mother what a hell do i know. I might relieve her sexual stress and get her perspective back on track about life.

yes lying to a person deceiving a person is wrong. but pure frotteur where she knows what she wants is no manipulation. either she wants it or we move on.

frotteur is very spiritual. after a while with body language and touch you can read the person. i know this all sounds like a joke. we all are groping for meaning in life in different ways. pleasure is a addiction which we repeatedly need in this stress and hormone filled life.

we have to go through lot of shit to come out stronger. frotteur teaches you about women and relationship. do you think the best romantic hollywood movie teaches you anything about life ?

the lessons of frotteur are for life. etched in your brain and soul.
the impact is deep. maybe it is for a dose of dopamine and oxytocin who knows.
99% women have never rejected me. 1% who did maybe it was not their day.
i never push my luck. women like the setting to be secretive and perfect where no one blames them. any sign of getting caught they put the blame on you.


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