Frot level indicator of stress level

Mondays are very blue in the big apple. The weekend is over and people are forced to go to underpaying jobs while keeping up appearances, pretending to act like rich yuppies, while in reality barely making even. Then the aging trains and train tracks delay the ride home, adding to the misery. Whats a stressed out girl to do? Well 4 of them decided to feel my dick with their asses, on different trains of course. There was lots of stress last night on the way home as the trains were slow for all sorts of reasons. The first girl must have been in college. I was standing at the end of a moderately packed car, next to the conductors cabin. As she came in, she looked so young and fresh, i thought. She heard my thoughts? She stood next to me, slight at my 2 o'clock. Soon i felt her warm thighs, and sometimes are arm searching. I'm a grower, so until I'm hard, you can't see much. But she found it and pressed amd pressed till it grew long. Next 2 were slightly older and flatter. The first blonde got in front of me and kept moving back till her back and shoulders contacted my chest. Then came her tiny ass. On my dick. She pressed hard, and made it grow, then moved it between her flattish cheeks. Then moved on it rocking back and forth. Third came an older brunette. She already had a smile. She grabbed a pole and shoved her wide hips back onto me. Feeling my dick grow, and moving it side to side. Last, armhumper will be proud, a short older regular latin woman saw me, made sure to position her tricep on my dick. She rocked me side to side till i almost came. Aa usual, she stops just before i can come. So high stress means lots of frotting.

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