Innocent Women?


Innocent Women? That's stuff of fairy tales. And even then they aren't all innocent. Helen was kidnapped by Paris of Troy and was happy with him. Guinnevere leaves the King Arthur for Lancelot, because she like his lance a lot. Women are perverted just like their fathers. Women keep a 1000 secrets, all of them related to sex. Google it, more than 50% of cheating spouses are women now. If they could get away with it, they would do all kinds of perverted things. And they do perverted things where no one will know. They fly all the way to another country, or to NYC to fuck men. The faraway men aren't always better looking, its just that they can get away with it and no one will know. 1001 secrets now. Frotting is nothing for them. I had the nerve to ask a few female coworkers about frotting I saw to see what they would say. (They live in NJ and take different trains so they will never see me in action). They looked at each other giggled, and then looked at me like a child, or worse an idiot, for asking about such a trivial thinkg.

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