Re: Magic Touch

Having a big dick is an advantage when groping I feel. There's been times when a girl looked like she was gonna move or say something but then felt the length of me rubbing up against her and had second thoughts, pretending it never happened. Like they'd have a look on there face that basically said "Oh, wow! Didn't realize you were that big, carry on!"

At a club once this woman was grinding on her husband who told her he was leaving to get drinks. I took the chance to get up behind her and grope with my dick out. She started shaking her ass more and more, throwing it back on me like crazy! If I remember correctly I came on her and left to find another target. Once I left she was looking around for me when she didn't feel me anymore. Then her husband comes back with the drinks and she looks at him disappointed. He gets up behind her and she doesn't even budge unlike what she was doing to me. She was actually let down to see her husband behind her and her groper gone lmao

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